Don Low - Concept Artist & Illustrator
Cafe Voyeur

Thesis project describing the voyeuristic nature of man manifested in a writer.
(Pen & Brush, Photoshop, After Effects)
Mindless Exploration

A collage of dreams and strange observations
(Pens, Brushes, Photoshop, After Effects).
Rheeno the Artist

Stopmo project about a Rhino whose failed attempts to be an artist.
(Stopmotion Pro, After Effects, Clay)
What a Day!

Montage of doodles and sketches.
(After Effects)
A collaborated stopmo project describing that the solution to all antagonism is a true heart.
(Stopmotion Pro, After Effects, Found Objects)

Pencil Test with extracted dialogue
(Flip, Quicktime)
The ecards, banners, flash games, and movies below were some of the web applications made when I was working fulltime as a web animator and designer during the period from 2001 - 2003. Besides I was also tasked to create an IP as an Art Director for a web animation. The project include storyboarding, character designs, story creation and animation. Images from this project are coming soon...

Please click the links below to view the animations in Flash.
Web Banners E Cards Online Games Mini Episodes    
Web Banner 01 Ecard 01 Online Game 1 Mini Movie 1    
Web Banner 02 Ecard 02 Online Game 2 Mini Movie 2    
Web Banner 03 Ecard 03 Online Game 3 Mini Movie 3    
Web Banner 04 Ecard 04   Mini Movie 4    
Ecard 05